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mccain’ s view co- host sunny hostin tried to throw booker a lifeline with an assertion about how fewer guns mean less crime, but she was largely ignored. the exchange clearly hit a sour note with the booker campaign.

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hours later, on wednesday night, booker’ s campaign manager tweeted insults at meghan mccain. anyway, this is worth watching just to see how glib booker is about the logistics of a buyback.

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mccain presses him more than once, noting that some people who own ar- 15s won’ t surrender them. booker was asked that question six weeks ago and gave the same answer then as he does now: we did it with machine guns, right?

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the view” host meghan mccain did not go easy on dem presidential candidate corey booker, especially when it comes to gun control. mccain refused to accept booker’ s many dodges and weaves as he tried to talk about civility instead of just answering a question about gun bans. the view' s meghan mccain got another stern lecture about her constant interrupting, this time from a presidential hopeful.

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, saying he was " dodging" her questions about gun confiscation, as she suggested former congressman and fellow presidential. She called booker’ mccain booker s support of buybacks as a “ fever dream” from the left- wing. She whined about authorities or people like beto or booker going after her brother’ s ar- 15.

During mccain booker a wednesday interview with democratic presidential candidate cory booker, the view’ s meghan mccain did what she apparently does best: make the conversation about herself and, in this case. Meghan mccain continues to catch heat for being rude on “ the view. Because he’ s crazy! Cory booker, d- n. After the new jersey senator said that mccain booker he.

” one day after mccain was scolded by co- host whoopi goldberg for being loud and not allowing other co- hosts to speak, the. John mccain, meghan mccain, laced into new jersey sen. Booker scolded mccain to not “ tear people down” because they have “ different political beliefs. Beto o' rourke, d- texas. Interrupting booker, mccain said, “ sarah palin was parodied on snl and it turned into a reality, so there is mccain booker a power in that as well. Cory booker fired back at meghan mccain on ' the view' after she questioned his gun buyback policy.

I think we can all agree that mccain' s brother shouldn' t have a gun. “ one of the things that. “ one of the things. Cory booker five times to talk about gun buybacks — every time he dodged the question and changed the subject. A day after the co- host made headlines after whoopi goldberg had to talk her down after she kept talking over the others, democratic presidential hopeful cory booker had to talk mccain booker to mccain about respect during his appearance on the abc morning talk show.

The view" co- host meghan mccain continued to bring the fire friday in a social media feud with sen. Mccain called beto o’ rourke “ crazy” for his belief that gun owners should turn in their ar- 15’ s. Cory booker, who mccain booker appeared on the mccain booker view, and spent energy defending his gun control stance to mccain.

Meghan mccain let her twitter fingers fly following a tense exchange with presidential hopeful and “ view” guest host sen. Cory booker bravely visited the table next to whoopi goldberg, mccain booker abby huntsman, sunny hostin and meghan mccain to talk his vision for the future. , and " the view" co- host meghan mccain on wednesday sparred over a discussion on the assault weapon buybacks program and mccain' s interaction with former rep. ” o’ rourke mccain booker has strongly advocated for buybacks of assault weapons following a shooting in his hometown of el paso, texas, that killed 22. Democratic presidential candidate sen. During an appearance on the view, cory booker told co- host meghan mccain, " we' ve had more people die in america in my lifetime than in every single war combined, " after she mccain booker asked how he was going to.

Booker tried to smooth things over by saying he respected and admired mccain’ s voice, and told an anecdote about promoting civility with a supporter who wanted to punch president donald trump in. Corybooker # meghanmccain # theview corey mccain booker booker shames and shuts down meghan mccain on the view! Today' s unfortunate volunteer was sen. Dana loesch reacts.

Conservative pundit and daughter of the late sen. The people mccain booker who try to talk sense into meghan mccain must be extremely optimistic, extremely patient, or extremely good with kids. Booker also insisted that america had banned full automatic weapons, a statement that is demonstrably incorrect. Welcome to joa, if you are new to my channel, please click subscribe and click the bell button, so. On wednesday, the view' s meghan mccain and guest cory booker threw down during a heated discussion about " gun buybacks. The view” co- host meghan mccain confronted democratic presidential hopeful cory booker about his mandatory gun buyback plan.

Meghan mccain pressed democratic new jersey sen. ( related: i’ m crying because meghan mccain blocked me on twitter). When booker tried mccain booker to distinguish his position from o' rourke' s, mccain interrupted to call o' rourke " crazy" because he disagrees with her on mccain booker a specific policy. After booker and mccain expressed respect for one another – and mccain again referenced her brother’ s guns and mccain booker mccain booker booker chastised “ fear mongering” and “ false arguments” – moderator. Mccain went after booker’ s support of mandatory gun buybacks, which she said was “ like a left- wing fever dream. ” booker shot back, “ we should watch the way we talk about each other.

Repeatedly pressing the democrat, mccain didn’ t let. Cory booker when the democratic presidential candidate visited “ the view” wednesday. Meghan mccain had a heated back- and- forth on gun buy- backs and diplomacy with sen. Meghan mccain went head- to- head with presidential hopeful sen.

Booker explained his gun buybacks plan is different than o’ rourke. Meghan mccain repeatedly interrupted and talked over cory booker as the new jersey senator and democratic presidential candidate tried to explain why calling people “ crazy” isn’ t very nice. Fireworks went off as the two sparred back and forth.

Meghan mccain clashes with hopeful cory booker on gun confiscation. Booker appeared on the daytime talk. , pivoted from explaining mccain booker former rep.

Beto o' rourke' s gun seizure program by pointing a heated finger at " the view" co- host meghan mccain for calling o' rourke " crazy" for it. Democratic presidential hopeful sen. Cory booker ( d- n.

The view" co- host meghan mccain knocked sen. Cory booker on wednesday’ s episode of the view. ) had a whole lot to say during his appearance on " mccain booker the view" wednesday — but amid the volume of words proceeding from his mouth, he couldn' t manage to address co- host meghan mccain' s repeated questions on how mccain booker he would accomplish mandatory gun mccain booker buybacks if he were to mccain booker win the election.

Mccain didn’ t make it easy on booker. ” sounding like he was someone’ s mother booker lectured, “ you both know that just because somebody does something to us, doesn' t mean we show the same to them, ” which made the audience clap. " after booker lectured mccain on the importance of mccain booker watching " the way we talk. Cory booker‘ s visit to the view saw a larger debate about how to reduce gun violence turn into a mini- debate with co- host meghan mccain about how to talk about other people.

She’ s a republican gun owner who had questions that many other republicans have when it comes to the democrats and mccain booker their idea of mandatory buybacks. Cory booker and it was fantastic to watch. Mccain' s pitching a remake of not without my daughter but instead of a daughter, it' s an overgrown child' s ar- 15. Mccain continued to hammer booker but, as is typical on the show, whoopi goldberg stepped in to stop the bleeding and went to commercial. ) after the presidential hopeful scolded her for smearing his fellow democrat beto o’ rourke as “ crazy. In mccain booker her latest on- air rant, meghan mccain went off on sen.

Mccain challenged booker on his gun buyback plan, saying “ you do support. Mccain called democrat presidential candidate robert francis “ beto” o’ rourke “ crazy” for his gun confiscation plan that he calls a “ buyback. Cory booker' s presidential campaign, suggesting the new jersey democrat' s staff should focus. Mccain snapped, “ good!